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Phone Systems, CSS, VOIP Phone System, SIP Phone System

Telefibre Pty Ltd is at the forefront of the Telecommunications & Data industries. We employ the latest Hybrex technology through the use of digital Telephones & Hybrid VOIP Systems. 

With the ever increasing cost of communications Telefibre Pty Ltd can tailor a system which is both easy to use & low running cost. These technologies include Voice Over IP, Sip Extensions, Least Cost Routing & GSM Routing to ensure you are getting the best value communications without paying absorbitant rates.

Ranging from a small 40 port - small office, home office & up to 1280 Ports - suitable for large Hotels, Businesses, Work Camps & More. Our systems can be linked via the Internet to other offices around the world & simply by picking up the phone and pressing an extension number, you can talk to your overseas office as if you were talking to the desk beside you.

Auto Attendant enables your business to filter calls & direct them to the right area, saving your receptionist time & you money so they can be more productive in their job.

Voice mail will catch that call you missed because you were either busy on the phone or out of the office. Or use our S.I.P extension card to direct calls to your mobile as if it was a phone connected in your office.

Whatever your needs Telefibre Pty Ltd through our partner Hybrex is proud to provide you with a tailored solution for your business.